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I am borrowing this from a member (Chris Bowyer) of a network to which I belong. It was quite helpful


As with everyone on this group, we are living through an experience that was likely not fully anticipated and it is certainly testing our professional and personal capacity. A reminder to everyone that mental health is an aspect of health, so in addition to your hand washing please take care of your mental health while we live through these events.

Our organization is fortunate that over the last several years we have developed the basic how-to-guides for our essential building operations and over the last several days have been compiling those details within our Continuity of Operations Plan. Thank you Princeton University for having a template that I have found to be helpful in that process. As a landlord we are also confirming our full legal understanding of the various contractual obligations and limitations. We appreciated the earlier mention of partially reimbursing events from one of the other members as we have unfortunately had many events cancelled in the last 48 hours.

Related to cleaning, we continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and I have personally met with our janitorial provider for their professional input. Additional cleanings and providing resources to our tenants have occurred and we anticipate continuing to do so for some time. We have also closed a hard-to-recycling center for our building that draws members of the public to our building as we deemed it non-essential and too high of a risk to the health of the immediate members of our team to sort those materials.

To the comment of cleaning in the event of an individual who tests positive is in our space, our janitorial company has shared information associated with an electrostatic disinfection sprayer that can be used within the building to disinfect all surfaces of our 40,000 sf facility in just a few hours. I can not comment on the ability to kill COVID-19 but this may be a solution for certain groups to explore, you should also check with your local public health department to confirm that this type cleaning is sufficient after exposure.

When and if the situation should worse here in Colorado (likely did so today), we have the intention of going to a "redundancy" plan for staffing purposes. We will try to limit the number of team members onsite to only a single individual per essential business function. In our case we currently see those including building operations, tenant services and events. This plan would stagger our schedules to work from home 2-3 days a week and in the office those other days.

Please take care of yourselves and be mindful of those around for their health and wellbeing.

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