PRICING: $350 to $500 per month

We have office suites ranging from 1-person offices to 4-people offices (with a small meeting space). Each office is equipped with the requisite number of desks and chairs for its size, one 2-drawer, locked file cabinet and a guest chair. Office Suite memberships come with 8 hours of boardroom use and $20 of printing credit. Office Suite membership terms are 6 months, with automatic renewals. Office Suite Members can add their own furnishing to the office, as per the membership agreement. All Office Suite Members have access to all shared spaces and a whole host of free workshops and training and Executive Coaching sessions with our subject matter experts from the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit and NGO studies or from SCORE. Contact us for additional information.

8am to 8pm

Networking Opportunities

5 of 7 Office Suites of varying size,  currently available